A workshop BY Bergger
Through Kit Young's
1, 2 and 3 May 2020 in Paris
for 4 trainees
Workshop Programme

1 May - Taking photographs in Paris
Kit Young will show trainees some of his favourite locations for taking photographs in addition to explaining some of the ways he photographs his surroundings.
All of the photographs taken by the trainees on Day 1 will be used
for the remainder of the workshop.
(All films will be developed by Bergger during the evening)

2 May morning- Focusing on a method

The trainees will spend the morning making contact sheets
of the negatives they shot on Day 1.
After Kit Young will show the way he prints a negative with some examples
from the Paris Couplets photobook.

2 May afternoon & 3 May morning
Interpreting a negative

Trainees will work on their own negatives under the guidance of Kit Young.
This intensive session of printing will allow trainees to experiment with some of the techniques used by Kit Young in the darkroom.
(For this sequence, trainees will work in pairs, with half a day being allocated to each pair)

3 May afternoon - Debriefing and discussion
Open discussion with Kit Young about the prints, the contact sheets
and ways to further one's practice.

The workshop will be given in English but Kit also speaks fluent French if required

Training supervisor
Kit Young was born in 1984. He set out on his photographic journey in 2009 when he moved to France where he joined a group of Paris-based photographers led by Gérard Moulin. It was during this period that Kit began to explore the infinite possibilities of darkroom printing and the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated moments in time to create visual patterns as part of series-based work.

Kit is a member of AllFormat, an international photography collective united by a mutual love of film.


Sign Up
For more information about the workshop,
contact Kit Young through Instagram @kityoung135
or send us a message at the following address: editions[at]bergger.com
by replacing [at] with @ in the address

Price: 500€
the price includes 10 rolls of Bergger Pancro400 film,
the development of the films and all the paper needed for the workshop.
and... an 8x10" print by Kit Young

Participants must cover any travel or accommodation costs.
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